Graphic Arts Division

Here you will find a selection of gym wall graphics and training shirts created by the Killustrator, a reclusive and eccentric fellow. A moderately accomplished athlete with a number of national event podium appearances, a coach of normal people and athletes from beginners to international elites, and an art school dropout, he has spent more than two decades researching, illustrating, and teaching anatomy & physiology in a variety of academic institutions worldwide. Although you can learn something from every product well, there are a few products that are just twisted and fun hopefully you will find the selection of posters and shirts attractive, entertaining, informative, inspiring, thoughtful and most of all desirable. 


Online Education Division

AnatomyWOD is your source of continuing education on the anatomy of fitness. Here you can register for and study human anatomy as it specifically applies to exercise and fitness. We provide the highest level of educational experience with content developed by Professor Lon Kilgore, a leading figure in classical science applied to modern exercise methods.

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This is a presentation of the underpinning concepts relative to the movement of the human body. Topics include anthropometry, anatomical planes and axes, cell anatomy, bone anatomy, joint anatomy, cardiovascular anatomy, pulmonary anatomy, adipose anatomy, and the anatomy of balance and coordination.

This is a directed study of the anatomy of the human body that builds on the concepts from Anatomy 1. Specifically the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments relevant to exercise and fitness are considered, including practical applications of that knowledge towards understanding exercise and fitness gain. A regionalized study approach, from the ground up, is utilized. Topics include the foot and ankle, the knee, the hip, the axial skeleton and related structures, the shoulder, the elbow, and the wrist and hand.